Social Media Reprise

An inimitable platform to communicate has evolved into a plethora of business opportunities. Social Media is no more a communicating platform now; it is rather a constructive business tool. The adoption of cyberspace started since 2000 but the social media took its first footstep in 2003. The first social network that came into existence is MySpace and LinkedIn in 2003. Facebook was born on 2004, YouTube on 2005 and Twitter 2006. Since then there was no looking back and the process is burgeoning and expanding every single day.A legitimate upsurgeThe social networking has given ways to some technology tools and applications which let people interact with each other and businesses in more organized way. Opportunities are scrambling, which if utilized strategically can give rise to an eventual organic growth. Social Media Marketing companies have been using their skills on capitalizing on their social technologies but still there’s a long avenue to measure and cover to completely engross the social advantage.The legacy of makingDigital Marketing is less expensive than other mediums. Social Media marketing companies can easily commence a valuable business turnover by utilizing the social network resources efficiently. But as per reports, 51% of companies in 2012 adopted social media marketing in their marketing expenditure, which rose to 86% in 2014. Considering that the digital marketing expense is little less than after, it can be given a commendable applaud in yielding a good business in the economic stressed phase. Looking at the scenario, we still can draw an inference that businesses still need to be taken into the light from ignorance of the enormous potential of social networking.It does not relate to business customer relationship only; rather it extends to a platform where businesses can grow out of their web and stretch out to places where they could never have been to till date. It is a platform where businesses grow into Brands and where Brands interact globally.Socialism in India:As per a survey conducted by Allied Digital Group (ADG), a leading digital marketing company, it was revealed that India will have an increase by 33% rate this year in Digital Marketing adoption and will continue to grow steeply in favour of marketers. Further it was dictated by the research that Digital Marketing is adopted by various sectors invariable percentage like IT 61%, Finance 25%, marketing 73%, customer service 59% and supply chain 40%.According to IAMAI and IMRB report, India surpassed 200 million internet users in the year 2013 which is expected to cross 243 million by the end of 2014. This suggests that the country has a huge potential to grab the most of Digital Marketing through Digital Media.Emergence of Social Media Management Tools:Social Network is evolving and it is becoming increasingly important make your presence felt in every network. However, handling over a dozen of networks is not a baby’s job. In fact; it is not possible to control the phenomenon without a weapon! With the advent of technology, some implausible digital media management tools came into existence that helped business reap the most of social media networks in the shortest span of time and with the limited budget. Social Media management tools can rather be termed as associates that help to stir the socialism and take control of everything that is social!If you are a budding business and have high aspirations to full fill, then look no further. Equip your business with the best social media management tools of the times and launch yourself on a global platform!