Propel Your Online Business Success by Twenty Times

I went to a large suburban Chicago high school and studied under an English teacher who was had an exceptional impact on my life. One of my classmates went on to become a very successful TV actor. My teacher added quality to my life. My actor classmate added no quality to my life. My teacher never made much money, but the actor made a “ton” of it.If you are a true student of online business it would be a great idea to study the theories of Marshall Thurber, an amazing visionary, who has studied businesses of all sizes. In order to propel your online business to amazing heights in record time Mr. Thurber espouses the understanding of three principles.LeverageActors make more money than school teachers because they have leverage. My teacher stood in front of a small number of students (compared to the actor) during her long career. My actor classmate produced, directed and starred in one of the most popular TV series of its day. The show is still in reruns fifteen years later. The low quality of value produced by the actor has had a far greater reach than the high quality and value of the teacher who impacted my life.
As Mr. Thurber observes, “leverage is created by a lever. When one pushes the long end of the lever over a solid fulcrum the short end moves a short distance out with great impact. Building an online business requires leverage. High value (a great product, offering or system) without reach (leverage) will produce low financial reward.Change
My brokerage account is subject to fluctuations from year to year. These fluctuations are due to cyclical changes in the economy and the markets (and many other factors). The second type of change is structural .Structural changes change the future forever. The Internet is a structural change. It will change the economic order and those of us who understand and embrace it will prosper.NetworkIn your online business your network is the lever. Your system (the fulcrum) and the value (force) are important, but the length of your lever (network) reduces your effort and propels your online success. Nodes and clusters become hubs and hubs are what feed the web. Online businesses that implant themselves into the social network of the web by creating contacts with others (links) will grow quickly. The bigger the network (lever) the more likely more and more nodes will link to them. Create links to other networks. Your online business’ financial success will be propelled.Remember my teacher and the actor. One created value but had no leverage or reach. The other provided dubious value however his reach is worldwide and on-going long after his series ended.
Embrace structural change. It cannot be fought. The Internet is a power curve and you have to become a master at using it. Mr. Thurber says, “Understanding network theory is the oxygen for success in the 21st century.”