Social Media Reprise

An inimitable platform to communicate has evolved into a plethora of business opportunities. Social Media is no more a communicating platform now; it is rather a constructive business tool. The adoption of cyberspace started since 2000 but the social media took its first footstep in 2003. The first social network that came into existence is MySpace and LinkedIn in 2003. Facebook was born on 2004, YouTube on 2005 and Twitter 2006. Since then there was no looking back and the process is burgeoning and expanding every single day.A legitimate upsurgeThe social networking has given ways to some technology tools and applications which let people interact with each other and businesses in more organized way. Opportunities are scrambling, which if utilized strategically can give rise to an eventual organic growth. Social Media Marketing companies have been using their skills on capitalizing on their social technologies but still there’s a long avenue to measure and cover to completely engross the social advantage.The legacy of makingDigital Marketing is less expensive than other mediums. Social Media marketing companies can easily commence a valuable business turnover by utilizing the social network resources efficiently. But as per reports, 51% of companies in 2012 adopted social media marketing in their marketing expenditure, which rose to 86% in 2014. Considering that the digital marketing expense is little less than after, it can be given a commendable applaud in yielding a good business in the economic stressed phase. Looking at the scenario, we still can draw an inference that businesses still need to be taken into the light from ignorance of the enormous potential of social networking.It does not relate to business customer relationship only; rather it extends to a platform where businesses can grow out of their web and stretch out to places where they could never have been to till date. It is a platform where businesses grow into Brands and where Brands interact globally.Socialism in India:As per a survey conducted by Allied Digital Group (ADG), a leading digital marketing company, it was revealed that India will have an increase by 33% rate this year in Digital Marketing adoption and will continue to grow steeply in favour of marketers. Further it was dictated by the research that Digital Marketing is adopted by various sectors invariable percentage like IT 61%, Finance 25%, marketing 73%, customer service 59% and supply chain 40%.According to IAMAI and IMRB report, India surpassed 200 million internet users in the year 2013 which is expected to cross 243 million by the end of 2014. This suggests that the country has a huge potential to grab the most of Digital Marketing through Digital Media.Emergence of Social Media Management Tools:Social Network is evolving and it is becoming increasingly important make your presence felt in every network. However, handling over a dozen of networks is not a baby’s job. In fact; it is not possible to control the phenomenon without a weapon! With the advent of technology, some implausible digital media management tools came into existence that helped business reap the most of social media networks in the shortest span of time and with the limited budget. Social Media management tools can rather be termed as associates that help to stir the socialism and take control of everything that is social!If you are a budding business and have high aspirations to full fill, then look no further. Equip your business with the best social media management tools of the times and launch yourself on a global platform!

What is Social Media?

We know what media is, in layman’s term media is an instrument of communication such as newspaper, television or a radio. In the Internet era, a new kind of media is being introduced, this is Social Media.To simplify what social media is, this is a social instrument of communication in forms of a blog, voice and video. This is a new kind of media that was born from high technology. This could be a website that doesn’t just give information, but interacts with its users while giving them information. This can be as simple as asking for your comments in a certain topic or post or it can be as intricate as Flixter that recommends movies to you based on the ratings of other people.Social media has become exceptionally popular because it allows people to bond in the on line (real time or not) world to form relationships for personal, political and even business use.In Business world social media is also referred to as User-generated content (UGC) or consumer-generated media (CGM).What is the difference between Social Media and Industrial Media?Newspapers, television, radio, and film are called Industrial Media and Social Media are distinct from them because the latter are inexpensive and accessible tools that allow anyone to publish or access any information. Industrial media generally require considerable resources to publish information.For many people social media is just a collection of social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster, My Space and Twitter. But social media is much more than that.Here is the list of different forms of social media to give you an idea.o blogs (like WordPress)
o content aggregators (like Friend Feed)
o crowdsourcing (like Wikipedia)
o on line forums (like DigitalPoint)
o photo sharing sites (like Flickr)
o social networking sites (like Facebook)
o social bookmarking sites (like Digg)
o streaming sites (like Ustream)
o user reviews (like Amazon)
o video sharing sites (like YouTube)Conventional ways of Social Networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small communities, neighborhood subdivisions, universities, or workplaces. But today, social networking is extremely popular on line; this is due to the fact that millions of Internet users are looking to meet other net users to collect first hand information about anything under the sun based on their interest.Websites are commonly used when it comes to on line social networking. These websites are commonly known as social sites. These Social networking websites act like an on line community of Internet users. Many members of these on line communities share a common interest such as hobbies, politics, or religion.Can Social Media Change the Traditional Marketing?Because of the sudden rise of the media’s functionality in the field of promotion and marketing of products and services, many people think that they can now drop the traditional marketing strategies and join the bandwagon of the current trend .But in reality we will never completely replace traditional marketing techniques. The main reason is because not everyone is into this whole media craze. You cannot reach all of your prospective clients by social networking alone. Call them Old school/stubborn but the fact is there is still a percentage of the population who will still need the traditional advertising methods to be reached.

Social Media and SEO

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are now inexorably linked to any modern website optimization strategy. The changing scenario between Google Yahoo and Bing will now address social media and SEO as major factors of page rank and search indexing. An example query like “seo services” if you were to rank for this term you may actually get it from social network listings well before your website can. The important factor is “is this getting new client leads” The answer is a resounding yes, social network marketing has the ability to clients to see your business services. However, the interaction between the blog, video, tweet or Facebook page needs to be specialize to engage the potential client or user. This point has been driven over and over yet businesses do not realize that localization and specialization of social media are the cornerstones of the marketing process as far as social networks are concerned. There is simply too much static and traffic to get a familiar message through. One strategy to avoid lost resources and time management using the networks is the adaptation of integrating with search engine optimization. What does this mean? It means if you spend so many hours marketing online within the social framework would it not be better to utilize time to promote your own website links and social interaction. How is this done? Many businesses and people that were internet savvy ten years ago started company or corporate blogs. They also created a presence within their field of business or services, that produces not only authority on an informational level but an authority in the search engines due to the massive amount of information being processed on the site.Giving all of your time & resources within the framework of the social network means that if any popularity within the social website is lost, your popularity and time spent gaining friends fans and links will be to no avail. (read MySpace) By utilizing search engine optimization and integrating your social network to your own website you’ll begin to gain some control as to where the resources will best be spent. There is a duality involved meaning that it is still wise to engage on face book but you need to look at your own business model and to see what leveraging factors can best be attained on your face book fan page. One consideration for Facebook is the advertising feature, this is not a free service. However, it is cheaper than any pay per click programs currently available. It may be best to try modeling a test advertisement to see if you can leverage clients off of face book. If you can run a test analysis advertising campaign within the social network like face book it may come down to the same old thing that it takes money for advertising. To utilize the social networks for link building strategies and basic search engine optimization can leverage many resources that can move in the lateral direction to your business model. Basic search engine optimization practices such as having your employees create a profile that links back to your company and creating a blog with a links to your services will help with basic a SEO optimization. Any extensive search engine optimization features should be employed by someone who is proficient at the subject and studied link building strategies key word density and the many traits to do with SEO. What you’re trying to create within social media is an easy strategy for link building and driving people back to your website. Many social networks carry the page rank of PR6 or higher. The next step is selling your business on your website landing page. Does your landing page SEO convert clients now? Social media websites like Facebook, twitter and YouTube can all have an amazing factor of client leads and referrals.Some very simple SEO things are title tags, on page SEO, alt tags for photos and do follow back links. On page SEO is one aspect that clients can get a basic grip on. Any pages or posts pertaining to your business keywords will rank if the post or pages are consistent and offer an authority on the information provided. Keyword driven content is usually a compromise between that the client wants and what Google wants. Social media Facebook pages that are linked to your website is a way you can add your own content daily. A business blog or Facebook page can be the place you add your daily content that will help your website SEO. Learning the basics of SEO and if you should supply some or all of your website content is a conversation needed with your SEO company. If you are familiar with the WordPress application for website building you know there is less need for extensive HTML knowledge as WordPress takes care of the heavy lifting where PHP and HTML are concerned. You can find an SEO and social media service local to you that offers extensive social media marketing and multimedia optimization.If you learn some of the basics of SEO and social media you can have a better understanding of your website optimization and the language of SEO. Keeping an eye on your internet marketing, social media strategy not only helps you, but your prospective SEO social media company. Interfacing a streamlined client conversion system is not only dependent on search engine optimization but your own engagement within the social media world.